The truth about Xenoblade Chronicles…The Free Masonic Connection

If you haven’t played it, or heard about it yet Xenoblade Chronicles is an RPG style game similar to World of Warcraft (in the sense of controls and battle scheme) where you roam around defeating strange alien robots that have incidentally come out of nowhere to kill all of mankind.

In the game they talk about how living on Bionis is rough. The strange thing here is that all of society lives on an actual living ancestor being that is actually alive bit gravely wounded. Do you think this could have any basis in reality? In the game the robot aliens are called Mechons, and they can only be wounded by an ancient sword weilded by Bionis…himself, in the ancient past, called the Monado.

It has an all seeing eye and is eerily similar to Freemasonic theology or belief.

The original wielder of this weapon goes crazy because of its affects…now the main player Shulk is the holder of the Monado.

How do they think these games up? How is it such a hit? Did they sell their soul? Inside knowledge? What do you guys think….?